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Each year, on Friday night of Fiesta, cruises restaurants & night clubs on lower State Street with our famous Fiesta Cam. We attempted to get into as many places as possible and here we highlight those generous clubs that welcomed the Cam Crew!

  • 8:00pm - The Fiesta Cam crew fuels up with Taquitos at El Mercado

  • 9:54pm - The State Street crawl always begins at Joe's Cafe

  • 10:19pm - We head next door to King's Tavern

  • 10:26pm - Out the door and into Calypso

  • 10:34pm - Time for a brew at the Santa Barbara Brewing Company

  • 10:45pm - After multiple rejections to enter clubs that shall remain nameless, the Fiesta Cam is welcomed with open arms by the friendly folks at Sharkeez

  • 11:11pm - Time for Mariachis and margaritas at Casa Blanca Restaurant

  • 11:36pm - We head north into the celebration on the sidewalks of State Street

  • 11:56pm - After taking a few more rejections in stride, the Fiesta Cam is swallowed up into the raging party at Zelo

  • 12:06pm - With tearful goodbyes, we again head outdoors into the packed sidewalks of State Street

  • 12:20pm - At last, we end the evening at everyone's favorite, Mel's

  • 1:02am - Fiesta Cam officially becomes the Siesta Cam