Fiesta Pequena (Opening Ceremonies)

"The Little Fiesta" officially opens Old Spanish Days on the steps of Santa Barbara's historic Old Mission.

The event features music and a program of Classical Spanish, Flamenco, and Mexican dances.

Being that most important Fiestas in the Spanish and Mexican tradition have always been closely connected with church celebrations, it is only fitting that Santa Barbara's annual Fiesta has included traditions with the historic Old Mission Santa Barbara.

With the gracious involvement of the Franciscan Fathers, those traditions continue today.

The 1926 Fiesta held its sunset service at the Mission. A year later, restoration of the Mission from the damage it received in the massive earthquake of 1925 was complete.

This completion was celebrated on Wednesday evening as a prelude to the opening of Fiesta.

There was an Ecclesiastical Procession along the Mission corridor which continued to the steps of the Mission.

This was followed by a program which included addresses by dignitaries, music and dancing, and was followed by a reception.

From 1927 to the present the tradition has not changed. Fiesta continues to open with this program at the Mission that has come to be called Fiesta Pequena, "Little Fiesta."