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The CNN news crews were there and filed this report:

SANTA BARBARA, California (CNN) -- The deep-sea divers were getting wet Saturday off the coast of California -- but the cyber-divers taking the vicarious plunge with them, spread all over the world, remained dry as a bone. Live and in real-time, using underwater microphones and cameras, a group of divers broadcast their expedition, designed as an instructive show-and-tell, over the Internet. Cyber-divers could even ask the in-the-ocean divers questions -- and get an instant answer. CNN's Jim Hill reports. "It's a golden opportunity to share the marine environment with a whole lot of people at once," said David Brown, producer. "That's the wonderful thing about cyberspace. It's a shared frontier. "I think it provides also the opportunity for distance learning," said Bill Salesky of PTK Interactive Inc. "We actually had attendees from Mexico and other countries." And many of the folks who lined up on the pier to watch -- and those who lined up online -- gave high marks to the deep sea cyber lesson.